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The Edward de Bono
Lateral Thinking Courses

A Lateral Thinking Course by Dennis R Perrin will be the way forward for people needing creative thinking skills. During the course, the Edward de Bono lateral thinking tools become embedded, hence using the tools deliberately will give participants specific creative skill.

Dennis R Perrin was accredited by Dr de Bono in 2002 to facilitate the official lateral thinking programme as originally designed by Dr Edward de Bono.

The course consists of one or two days of intensive study and practise in the original lateral thinking tools and skills. Attendees will leave at the end of the day with a degree of skill, which they take away ready-made to use in the marketplace, home, or workplace: wherever creative thinking is needed.

Personal guidance is given by Dennis to ensure that full understanding is received clearly by each recipient. The lateral thinking method is deliberate and systematic; no gimmicks, tricks or puzzles are included!

There are no tests in the course. However, results prove that creative ideas will flow once people realise the method and follow the given procedure. Your instructor will be with you step by step to ensure full and easy use of the lateral thinking tools; since the skills are very different from our usual way of thinking.

Just like we did in learning The Six Thinking Hats, we can now possess a sub-conscious toolbox to make consciously active creative skills, on demand.

The powerful tools of the lateral thinking system have been proven to work and are in use around the world.

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Dr Edward de Bono

Edward de Bono 2006


Dennis having lunch with Dr de Bono

Dennis had many lunches with Dr de Bono. He also interviewed Edward at his home in Piccadilly.