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Photo Gallery


    "Warm Landscape"

My Diver Oil Painting

    17 3/4 x 24” (45 x 61cm) oil on wood.


     “Mediterranean View”

mediiterranean view

       24x16” (61x41cm) oil on board.

     "Pieces of Eight" 

Pieces of Eight

      12x10” (30.5x25cm) oil on canvas frame.


      "Palm Tree Wave" 

Palm Tree Wave

     24x18” (61x46cm) oil on canvas frame.


      "Purple Mountain Landscape"  

Purple Mountain Landscape

     10x10” (26cm) oil on canvas frame.


      "Red Flag"  

Red Flage

      20x16” (51x41cm) oil on canvas frame.


      "Palm Tree Sunset" 

Palm tree sunset

      20x16” (51x41cm) oil on canvas frame.


      "Spider on Mars" 

Spider on Mars

     Oil on canvas frame 20x16” (51x41cm).


      "Landscape Three"

Landscape Three

     12x24” (30x60cm) oil on plywood.


      "The Pathway" Landscape

The Pathway

      10x12” (25x30cm) oil on canvas board.


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