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Dennis Raymond Perrin’s oil paintings draw inspiration from a rich tapestry of emotions, experiences, and the interplay of colours and forms. His creative process weaves together the following elements:

  1. Nature: The ever-changing landscapes, seasons, and natural beauty serve as a wellspring of inspiration. Whether it’s the serene calm of a mist-covered forest or the vibrant hues of a sunset, nature’s essence infuses his artwork.

  2. Emotions: Dennis’s oil paintings often evoke emotions—joy, melancholy, wonder, or introspection. He translates these feelings onto the plywood, canvas, or board, allowing viewers to connect with their own inner worlds.

  3. Imagination: His imagination knows no bounds. Dennis explores dreamscapes, fantastical realms, and surreal visions. His brushstrokes breathe life into imaginary landscapes and characters.

  4. Colour Harmony: Dennis R Perrin plays with colour harmonies, juxtaposing warm and cool tones, creating visual symphonies. Each stroke is deliberate, contributing to the overall emotional resonance.

  5. Personal Experiences: Life’s ups and downs find expression in his art. Whether it’s a memory from childhood or a recent journey, D R Perrin weaves personal narratives into his paintings.

  6. Artistic Traditions: Dennis Perrin draws from art history, studying techniques of the masters. He pays homage to various styles—impressionism, expressionism, and abstract art—while infusing them with his unique voice.

In essence, Dennis Raymond Perrin’s oil paintings are a reflection of his soul, inviting viewers to explore their own emotions and perceptions "through the canvas".


    "My Diver"

My Diver2 original oil painting

      19 x 15 1/2” (48 x 39cm) oil on board


     “Mountain Lake” 2 

mountain lake 2 large pic

    20x16” (51x41cm) oil on canvas frame.


      "Mother and Daughter" 

mother and daughter oil painting

       24 x 16” (61 x 41cm) oil on board.



Landscape oil painting

     12 x 12” (30 x 30cm) oil on wood.


      "Thundercloud Landscape"  

thundercloud landscape

      20x16” (51x41cm) oil on canvas frame.


      "Two Spheres" 

Two Spheres original oil painting 

      24 x 16” (61 x 41cm) oil on board.


      "The Old Barn" 

The Old Barn oil painting

     9 1/2 x 7” (24x18cm). Oil on canvas frame.


      "Lion Sleep Tonight"

Lion Sleep Tonight

      16 x 20” (40 x 51cm) oil on board. Unavailable.


      "Imagination Landscape 2"

Imagination landscape

     9x12” (23x30cm) oil on canvas frame.


      "Trees and Water"
       After Stuart Davies Artist

 Trees and Water
      Oil on canvas frame. 18x14” (46x36cm)


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