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Edward de Bono's
Six Thinking Hats Training Courses by Dennis R Perrin

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In 1974 Dennis bought "The Mechanism of Mind" by Dr de Bono. Impressed, over the next 44 years Dennis bought all of Dr de Bono's books (up until 2018).

In the year 2000 Dennis became accredited to teach general thinking skills (Datt, the Direct Attention Thinking Tools) and The Six Thinking Hats. Then in 2002 he added "Lateral Thinking".

The "Hat Advantage" is used by companies large and small around the world because they save so much time at meetings. Magically, argument is replaced by co-operation, team building, and creativity. Through training and practice, skill is built up and then applied in the workplace.

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  • Dennis's up to date Six Thinking Hats accreditation credentials. Please view here. Please note that even though he was originally accredited in year 2000, de Bono trainers must be re-accredited every two years if they wish to continue practising.

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Dr Edward de Bono

Edward de Bono 2006


Dennis having lunch with Dr de Bono

Dennis had many lunches with Dr de Bono. He also interviewed Edward at his home in Piccadilly.