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What Does the Training Entail?

Benefits and Training Details

All Edward de Bono Courses are certified. Attendees receive workshop manuals designed by Dr de Bono. These are taken away at the end of the course to be used for future reference. It's important that the tools are used in the way they were designed to be used.

Three courses are offered:

  1. POP - Power of Perception (DATT, Direct Attention Thinking Tools.) These are 10 tools that enable us to focus clearly on objectives, values, other people's views, factors, possible alternatives, making decisions, consequences, priorities, and more!

  2. Lateral Thinking uses the deliberate and systematic executive concepts that open up new ideas and helps escape from rigid assumptions. Fun examples are given to practise how to use concepts as a breeding ground for new ideas and to look beyond the obvious. We learn to challenge without attacking. Then there is the use of random input to open up new lines of thinking. Provocation includes wishful thinking and focussing on the difference. Then we need to harvest and treat ideas in order to tailor them to meet our resources. Having a reliable creative system designed by the author of lateral thinking is very different from imagining that we were born naturally creative.

  3. The Six Thinking Hats take us out of argument mode and into parallel thinking. In meetings, the Hats are fun and powerful. Deceptively simple, the training provides expert use of a method that creates a level playing field and prevents the domination of powerful executives who want to assert their own favourite ideas. This is because a facilitator ensures everyone uses the same Hat at the same time. People who were previously thought to be uncreative start to produce ideas. The chief executive of NTT, at the time the largest company in the world, was so impressed that he bought the Six Thinking Hats book, one  for each of all of his executives. Even so, practical training is needed in order to embed the skill of how professionally to use the Six Thinking Hats permanently in the mind.

During all of the courses, lunch and refreshments are provided. The pace is brisk, unhurried, focussed and enjoyable. There is time for everyone to contribute. Practice in the tools provides sufficient experience for a degree of skill to be developed.


  • Honing Complexity to Simplicity


Dr Edward de Bono

Edward de Bono 2006


Dennis having lunch with Dr de Bono

Dennis had many lunches with Dr de Bono. He also interviewed Edward at his home in Piccadilly.