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About Dennis Raymond Perrin by himself

My painting skills started in 1995, when watching my then wife, a natural and gifted artist, painting. Suddenly I was seized with the desire to put brush to canvas. I started out by doing abstracts, none of which saw the light of day. Then I did what my wife wanted to do but was afraid to. I copied the photo of the painting you can see on the home page now called Oriental Landscape.


However, having been intrigued by Edward de Bono's work (nothing to do with art) since the seventies and eighties, I decided to sell up and become an accredited trainer in creativity and thinking skills. The de Bono Training took me to London, Oxford Brookes University, China, Morocco and many other places teaching the Edward de Bono thinking skills. Sadly all good things come to an end.

Twenty-year Gap

  • Having lapsed from painting for 20 years or so, in 2020 during the infamous lockdown I was again inspired by Bob Ross's TV painting programmes. Again I was seized with the desire to dabble in oils.
  • Although Bob Ross is an excellent teacher and very likeable character, I came across Stuart Davies Artist, whose style I really like completely different from Bob. Stuart's professional skills make his art look really easy but a degree of dedication is needed to make the technique work. It won't just happen with talent. Nobody needs talent. Anyone can learn to paint.
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Dennis Raymond Perrin

Dennis Raymond Perrin
Artist for original oil paintings