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Six Thinking Hats Courses

Using the Six Thinking Hats creates teamwork. Arguments stop because a chosen skilled facilitator (using the blue hat) will be in control of the meeting. Everyone has an equal opportunity for contributing ideas, which can be different under each hat. The ideas will then follow the focus of the meeting.

The hats use the trademarked "parallel thinking" and The Six Hats System is copyright. In the accredited training courses, The six hats are taught in the way Dr de Bono designed them to be taught. Criticism and judgement does not dominate and is used under the black hat. The black hat is a good and necessary hat.

The six hats system will seem strange at first. We have been educated to analyse everything but not taught to be creative. The parallel thinking embedded in the hats also brings out creative ideas, new ideas, and constructive ideas.

Effort is made to adhere to the idiom of each different hat while being on topic. Because of the widespread prevalence of judgement thinking, training in this new system develops a skill in parallel thinking, which will liberate the thinking of each participant at the meeting.

Once learned, the hats can be used individually, in the family, in conversation, or wherever fresh thinking is wanted. A course with Dennis will prove a worthwhile, practical, and extremely useful, even cheap, investment; compared to other investments.

We can now possess a sub-conscious toolbox to make consciously active on demand.

The powerful tools of the six hats system have been proven to work and are in use around the world.


  • Honing Complexity to Simplicity


Dr Edward de Bono

Edward de Bono 2006


Dennis having lunch with Dr de Bono

Dennis had many lunches with Dr de Bono. He also interviewed Edward at his home in Piccadilly.