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Dennis R Perrin's training Courses in Edward de Bono's
Six Thinking Hats

From general creativity to specific design. From the use of tools to the use of innate ability. From past inspirations to focused future innovation. From problem solving to a confident workforce. From discussing possibilities to enacting fresh directions. From wishful thinking to realising future positive. From subconscious desires to awareness steps. From complex solutions to simple answers. From expensive consultancies to effective friendships. From an iconic genius to everyday co-operation. From exclusive arrangements to practical help. From nudge nudge wink wink to straight talking!

Gone are the days when men of mystery hold hidden keys to the "secrets of creative success". Standing on the shoulders of his own experiences, Dennis offers the direct approach to "New Ideas For Management".


  • Honing Complexity to Simplicity



Dennis R Perrin: "Moving On" from general creativity complex concepts to enacting specific simple practical ideas.