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Dennis R Perrin

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POP - Power of Perception

POP is probably more important than the other courses because it contains the tools that are the foundation of thinking. Delegates come away from a POP Course with ten powerful tools that empower thinking by directing attention at will, towards what is relevant, and providing creative or apt alternative answers. The tools give the direction. Thinkers give the answers. From the POP Course you and your people get immediate takeaway power.

During a "One-Day Edward de Bono Course", The POP toolbox becomes a simple powerful aid to important decisions and supports everyday problems by providing necessary supplements to normal thinking. We may find that gut feelings about something are just not sufficient; or the usual way of dealing with situations are inadequate. Then we can dip into our POP toolbox. Because we have been trained in their use, using the tools one at a time from the POP toolbox becomes natural and highly effective. We don't need to memorise all of them. The tool we need, after training, will spring naturally to mind.

[Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking]

We can even say that there is nothing wrong with our normal thinking but occasionally we may find the usual ways of thinking deficient - just as there is nothing wrong with sliding down a snowy hillside in shoes and being trained in skiing provides a better experience, better results. So if you are one of those who wish to improve thinking for whatever reason, the POP tools will do that because they have been designed by the world-renowned expert in thinking - Dr Edward de Bono.

Just as Socrates was the expert in argument 2,400 years ago, Edward de Bono is the recognised current expert in creative and skilled thinking today. So if you want your life or business to improve, you want to solve particular problems outside of technical issues, you will find POP an excellent toolbox for dealing with most issues or problems; or (like myself)just for providing a personal system for improving self esteem and boosting confidence.

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POP - Power of Perception
The Ten Direct Attention Thinking Tools:
 The Infrastructure For Creativity.

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"The Edward de Bono Thinking Tools are not magic. They just work like magic."